Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More End of the Year Business

Brittany had a long anticipated recital last weekend. She was more nervous than she usually gets in front of people. I think it was because this was so different than what she usually does. That is her cute teacher Kaitlin behind her on the piano. Or her hired big sister as I like to refer to her. She is a darling girl who used to be our babysitter and now teaches Brittany (and provides an awesome example of great teen-agerness at no extra charge). They were really great, when it was all over I think it was good for Brittany to prove to herself that she could do this hard thing, and she did it well. Brittany posted video on her blog here.

Josh on the other had was really not nervous about his Preschool graduation. He was pumped! This is his amazing teacher Miss Tammy who also taught Matthew. I can't believe this was my last preschool graduation. Miss Tammy has done a great job of preparing my boys. We are really going to miss her.


vivian said...

I remember recital days.. I was always a nervous wreck! probably cause I never practiced the way I should have!!
she did a great job, I listened on her blog. all of my kids played instruments, Jennifer piano and percussion, Bethany flute, Tony trombone, and rob play a euphonium (cant spell it or say it.. it was a horn of some sort.. he didnt play it for long.. it was bigger then he was and he hated it!)
anyways.. went to a ton of concerts and loved every one of them!
have a great day!

Janice said...

End of the year is so crazy. I have days where I feel I can barely breath!