Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hike Goes On

So after Delicate Arch my kids decided they like hiking. Although Josh was concerned that all the hiking would be as difficult. Luckily I convinced him it wouldn't. We did all the hikes on the f Arches map. I was not as adventurous as the rest of the gang.

I have really bad ankles that turn if you look at them wrong so I took a lot of pictures.

I swear they aren't up as high as it looks!

Matthew and his Dad.

Josh at Double Windows. Josh can pose with style in any setting.

Brittany is quite the daredevil. She would follow her dad just about anywhere he was climbing and some places he didn't. I decided hiking was a good example of the ways William and I differ in our parenting. He didn't coddle or ask if they were okay, keep looking around to make sure they could do it. He just assumed they could and they did. I kept thinking about this while we were hiking and I am going to try and be more like that. I think it probably builds their self-esteem more his way.

Look! Delicate Arch in Matthew's hand!


Queen Elizabeth said...

Very jealous. Looks like a fun adventure!

SSWS said...

I can so relate to this post! Every time we hike I am analyzing how M and I do things and how we relate - I don't know what the deal is...but hikes bring out the best and worst of me....ok, more bad then good. Love the photos, though - LOVE Utah colors!

Jennie said...

I'm so glad no one fell off the cliff. That is a scary hike - but I'm probably more on the scardy cat side. :)