Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break: Delicate Arch

Spring Break. It's over. We are finding our groove again. I love my groove. I love kids in school, dishwasher humming, laundry in the machines and actually accomplishing something. But man did we have a memorable Spring Break. We went down to Moab to hike Arches. I have to admit I wasn't the most enthusiastic about this plan but I figured that William had gone along with plans I have hatched that he was probably not too jazzed about so it was my turn to be a good sport. I have to admit it was fun and a trip I think the kids will remember for a long time. The first day we got there we decided to tackle hiking Delicate Arch. I am still not sure if this was the best idea, I think Josh was nervous all the hikes would be this difficult. It was the most spectacular too, sort of like having the finale first. My lunch friends had warned me that it was not an easy hike, contrary to what William tried to tell me. So I was prepared.

I was really proud of Josh, he kept up with everyone the whole trip. It was cloudy and windy that day so that added to the excitement.

When we finally got to the top it was really windy, can you tell by Joshua's face? We also rediscovered Matthew's dislike of heights. Can you tell by his body language he is really uncomfortable. Brittany, on the other hand found her inner daredevil.

William decided he was going to hike out to where the arch is. No way were the boys and I going over our protected ledge into the wind that felt like it was going to blow you away. William is the dot in the picture with the black jacket. The figure in the levi jacket holding on to the wall? That would be Brittany. This is the point I discovered she was following her dad. I decided there wasn't anything I could do about it so I would take pictures.

William is the black dot leaning on the arch. Brittany is the figure on the left in khaki pants.

There goes William, Brittany following.

This was a little arch on the way down. Crazy father and daughter. Guess this counts as bonding right? It was a great hike to start us off on a fun trip.


Sarah Smiles said...

Awesome! It brings back memories of our trip to the arches when I was a kid!

Circe said...

Wow! I want to do that! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. I'm glad it was a success.

sws said...

oh yes - hiking to the arch, I forgot about that piece. Annie and I stayed back....but we have a great photo of the kids under the arch - somebody has to take the photo right? Good Job for being a good sport.

Tammy said...

Hi Michelle! I Just found your blog from Amanda's list! I loved your pics and we did go on the same hike! It was super windy for us, too! You've got some cute stuff on here! Love your Hunger Games post...As disturbing as the story is, the book is amazing and I would highly recommend...