Friday, April 13, 2012

What Josh Learned During Spring Break

After we came home from Moab Matthew convinced Josh that he should get rid of his beloved training wheels. This is another area I fail to encourage my kids. Brittany was almost eight before she learned. I think Matthew was at least 6-6 1/2. Maybe it is because the moment always seems to come when Dad is at work and I am the one running behind the kid hanging on. Well this time Dad was home and all I had to do was take pictures.

The kid was a natural! This was only after a couple of tries. Look how excited his brother was for him.

Now he can go on bike rides with the boys. My last baby riding a bike without training wheels. Sniff. Sniff.


Janice said...

This is always such a huge day!

Circe said...

Awesome! but sad...he's such a cute little guy. He's been a perfect caboose!