Friday, May 04, 2012

Easter 2012

Just found these for abandoned photos in my files. Now that I have figured out the new blogger I thought I would get them on here. This was our Easter Sunday morning. I have to take a picture of how cute the kids look every

Love these two brothers! Aren't they handsome?
Hope you had a great Easter-you know last month.


Circe said...

What beautiful kids!!

love.boxes said...

B looks so pretty and the boys look so handsome. These pictures are darling!

sws said...

wah! They are growing so fast. You must be so proud. Brittany is beautiful! said...

Oh my gooooodnesss, everyone is so grown up!!! SO handsomes and so pretty tooo!! My, phewey, life is just going by like a fast moving stream isn't it???