Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Well, it is almost over. One of the most celebrated and sometimes dreaded holidays of the year. This year mine was really, really good. I have had my share that weren't this good. There were a few when I was just sad to not be a mom. Sometimes I haven't prepped my family about what my hopes for Mother's Day were so they fell short and I felt unappreciated and grumpy. This year I told the kids that I just really wanted to feel like they thought I was doing a good job because for me that is what it comes down to. Less than stellar Mother's Day? I must be doing a crappy job and these poor little souls I am trying to raise are in big trouble. Guess what? They all came through, right down to the big guy! There were pictures and cards and notes which included comments from Josh that he loved me because I am cute and Matthews that I "give him more than he needs". Even this poem from Brittany which I love.

M is for the many cookies she bakes
O is for her open arms
T is for the time she sacrifices
H is for the hugs she gives
E is for our everlasting family
R is for her radiant smile

A poem for me! Now let's not forget the I said to her "Hey Brittany I would love a poem for Mother's Day". But she did it and I love it. In full disclosure the above picture was taken by me for the Grandmothers but I am still keeping it for me cause they must love me too-after all they suffered through taking the picture!  So I guess the lesson I have learned is that I am in charge of teaching these kids everything. Including how to handle Mother's Day and this year we all got it right. So now the day is almost done and I am so grateful for this day. So grateful that I get to be a mom to these particular kids. They are great, their dad is great and I am so lucky!

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Circe said...

I love the picture! I'm glad you got the Mothers Day that you ordered. You are the mom that everybody wants as their own, just like your mom was for all of us. Your kids are darn lucky!