Thursday, May 24, 2012


 These are my friends that I meet with every Wednesday for a lovely afternoon and lunch. This week it was at my friend Tiffany's home. She is an artist so we are used to being surrounded by loveliness at her house but this week was really something else! She decided she wanted to have a Kentucky Derby party. So she made us each our own fascinator hat and decorated accordingly. Here are the girls in their darling hats. Notice the glittered horses hanging from the chandelier? There were tiny horses on the table. A darling bunting is in the window along with tissue pom poms but they didn't make it into the picture somehow. There were red roses, M&M's, and darling cupcakes.  As excited as I am for summer to come I am going to miss these lunches so much!
When Brittany came home she spotted the fascinator and asked if she could use it for her solo in the orchestra concert that night. They were to act as if they were playing on a corner with a hat for folks to put money in. It was a fundraiser so the orchestra teacher can buy new music and maybe an instrument or two next year. Brittany was the cutest one!

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sws said...

Brittany looks so stylish in her new hat!! Great photos.... :)