Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

 During our family reunion this summer a monumental effort was made to take some new family pictures, we were long over-due and the family has grown so much. This is my personal favorite. Members of our clan are not to big on public displays of affection so that make is it even more fun.
 The original members of the William's family. All grown up!
The whole gang. I have to say this turned out really well, and I can hardly wait to hang it on our wall!


Circe said...

Cyooooot! I love how you and Brittany are doing the same pose on that last picture. But the first pic takes the cake! Very impressive for post-lake, too!

sws said...

It's so Americana with the red-barn. Great photos - whoever had the idea to put you in the wagon....brilliant.