Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bummed Out at the Bottom of the Year

Well, this is one of those sad pitiful posts. I probably wouldn't read on if I were you but I need to get a little whining out of my system, and I would hate for this to be one of those perfect-all-the-time blogs. So the day after Christmas we had an offer on the house in California. Jubilation! Great celebration! Like all offers in this market it was super low but we were optimistic that it was a starting point, that these folks were trying to get the best deal they could and who could blame them for that? We countered yesterday about half way, we can only go so low before we have to pay them to take it after all. Well word came back from our realtor that they are looking at other houses today, that they may be able to come up a couple of thousand but not more. Depths of despair! Just when I start to think we might get on the road to "real" life again, Poof! It's gone! This has caused me to abandon my plans to start my New Year's resolution early (start eating better, exercise etc.) and revert to my chocolate based diet.
Okay, end of pity party. I know I really am blessed, there are folks with such greater problems. And honestly it has really been fun these last few weeks especially to be at my mom and dad's house. Something in me just naturally wants to be at my mom's house during the holidays I think. But our time with my parents comes to an end the end of January. After that we look for a rental and I abhor the thought of unpacking all our worldly goods two more times. So come on 2009, bring us good news! And really how bad can things be with a view like that one above out the back widows tonight?!
**The relatively happy blog normally found here should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience!**


LuLu said...

Bonjour Michelle! I have beee visiting your blog regularly but I never seem to find the time to leave comments, I am still on slow internet speed... Just wanted to say Hi! and to wish you the best for this coming year 2009! Don't dispair! You are right, there are so many people in much worst situation ... I betcha 2009 will be a good year! Take good care of yourself! LuLu xxx

Jennie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope another offer comes quickly. For now... go for the chocolate. Technically, it is still the holidays and so the calories don't really count. :)

love.boxes said...

Bummer Michelle. I'm so sorry.

Jenn said...

Oh Michelle I can so relate. Moving and all the JUNK related to moving is just the pits. For some reason that deal wasn't meant to be...I'm hoping because there is a better offer right around the corner for you guys!! Hang in there. xox...jenn

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

A happier New Year to you Michelle!!! We too are trying to sell my father in-laws house in Florida and the offers are often insulting. Everything will get better. Hopefully Mr.Obama will give us more confidence and things will return to "normal."
Have a great New Year! Here's to many more:)

Gail :) said...

Here is hoping much good news for the New Year! Selling a home is so stressful. It looks like you had a great holiday with your family though. Happy New Year!

A Fanciful Twist said...

Okay, where are the chips and dips, and chocolate to melt over the whole thing????

What were you thinking anyway, I wasn't ready to start eating healthy. let me get on the train, I'll be right over to junk food eat to our hearts content!!!!

Boyyyy, do I know the pits of real estate ;)

Alas, all happens in due course, but I am all for letting your feelings out and ppplease, never apologize for that!!

xoxo, V

Happy New year!!! I would rather eat an eclair than a lean cuisine on New Year's eve anyways ;)

Gail :) said...

It is hard to find boy stuff! That is why I knew I had to make it. She doesn't include the measurements for the hole for the astronaut. If you need them I will go clean my craft area to find the ones I used :)