Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas review

Part of my reason for blogging is to keep a record of the events in my family's life. For this reason you have to suffer through our Christmas morning pictures, should you choose to keep reading, that is.
First Christmas Eve. The reading of the wonderful story acted out by Grandma, the kids and some puppets. Singing too of course, loud and lots of fun-if not perfectly melodious.

I love Christmas morning, it is one of the reasons I had kids I think. Christmas mornings were so boring before we had someone to get fun toys for us to play with.

Like baby dolls for me

And nerf guns for Dad (he actually got his own too-what was I thinking?)

You just have to love this boy in his froggy jammies cruising the floor with his little pretend car!

Oh, and this is the quilt I made for Matthew from the pictures he drew on fabric way back here.

Then it was off to my sister, Aunt T-T's house where no toys were needed because we had Uncle Nate.

Here is my dad opening his Indiana Jones hat. Doesn't he have a great happy face?


i cant sew said...

looks perfect. my kids make my heart soar with their delight. enjoy the last few days of 2008. xxrosey

Camille said...

I love that picture of your dad. Tell your family hello and happy holidays!

Lorinda said...

Darling quilt. what kind of markers did you use?