Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wrapping Tips

I thought I would share two of my favorite things to utilize while wrapping presents since that time is just about upon us.

This is my favorite bow trick. I buy about two yards of netting at the fabric store. Then I cut it into strips, wrap it around the present and tie a bow. If I have enough I tie another bow on top of that one and then fluff it out. That is it, and the great thing is these bows still look cute if they get smashed under the Christmas tree or have to be mailed!
Pandora. I have had so much fun listening to Pandora while I wrap. You just sign up for free and then I typed in Christmas and they just keep playing a great mix of music. They have a lot more in their collection than I have in mine and it has been fun hearing lots of different artists sing Christmas music. Forgive the less than great photos, I am in the basement.
Happy wrapping!

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Queen Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. Nary a bow to be found in this house this year. And we're going "low key" (seriously, we are) but I can't manage it. Older kids = busier kids!!!