Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Signs that we are ready!

Okay folks we are ready! Let the fat man cometh!
I spent the day yesterday finishing up the homeade candy and cookies and wrapping the last presents. I finished these baby clothes for my neices too. I have to make baby doll clothes at Christmas, I don't know why. I blame my mom, she always made them for us. I think when Brittany is too old I will have to borrow neighbor children to make them for. It is just part of Christmas for me.

Here is another sign we are ready for Christmas, we have now taken the yearly picture of the kids looking cute and dressed up in front of the Christmas tree.

Hope you are ready for the big day! It is going to be great!


Sarah Smiles said...

Beautiful doll clothes!!!!!!!!!
Cute picture! I love the big smile! We are ready!!! :)

Tiff said...

The girls love the clothes!! They change their clothes at least ten times a day. They must be very messy babies! You are truly the best Aunt ever!!