Friday, May 08, 2009

Building the Rock Wall

Well, it has been a rough week. I have been fairly absent from blogland. My sweet little grandma has been struggling to leave this life. She has suffered from dementia for at least three years and we all want her struggle to be over and for her to join her long-missed husband but it so hard to watch. She hasn't gone yet but we expect it this weekend. So I just haven't felt too chatty. But on the upside we have had some major changes going on in our backyard.
First this big-ole pile of rocks was delivered. Lots of king of the mountain was played.

Then the guys with the big machinery showed up. Could their possibly be anything better to a boy than having one of these in your own backyard?
And when it gets too noisy you can always hang out at the window and keep watching.
Here is the finished product.
From the other side. I can hardly wait to plant different colored flox in those little spots. It will be so pretty next Spring. Assuming we add the rest of the patio, the curbing, the sprinklers and the lawn. Sigh...


Jennie said...

M, I'm so sorry about your grandma. Even though it will be a blessing for her, it is still hard to endure. We wish your family the best. The yard looks great. What a TON of work - literally. It will be fab when it is done. Hang in there with the yard. It is a huge job and a huge expense, but it will be so nice when it is done. Have a great weekend.

sws said...

I didn't even ask about your grandma on Friday. Hang in there! It was so great to see you and let our boys play in the parking lot with fire ants. We are such good mothers! The rock wall looks great.

vivian said...

How excieting Michele! Its going look great when its all done! we need to do something here .. oh heck.. we need to do lots of somethings here! I'm considering a stone patio but I'm just unsure of how I really want things to be. so must be I need to think more first!
have a happy mothers day!

Circe said...

I hope everything is going smoothly with your grandma. I know that's not an easy process. We'll be thinking about you!

Your wall looks fabulous!

Diane Duda said...

It's hard to lose a grandma...whether it's time or not.
HOpe you were able to enjoy your kids this Mother's DAy weekend. I think you always enjoy them though, don't you. :)
The rock wall is going to be amazing!
extra x's and o's

love.boxes said...

Hope all goes well this week. Thinking of you!
Wall looks great!