Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soccer Boy

Soccer season ended last week. Matthew made the choice to go to Gram's funeral and miss the last game. Great kid isn't he? He has really enjoyed soccer this year. We didn't do it when we were in CA last year, too expensive for a five year old. So this year he was really excited. We did AYSO instead of a city league and I think I am a fan. With only 3 kids from each team on the field at a time and no goalie they all came away feeling like superstars.

Yes, that is illegal jumping. We were still learning. I took these pictures at the beginning of the season when it was still really cold too.

Do you love the determination on his face?
Working so hard to get that ball!

This was his team. They had a pizza party at his coach's house to wrap up. They were all cute boys. I would have to say I might actually be looking forward to fall soccer. It was a fun thing we all went to together but that only worked because Brittany didn't want to do soccer this year (thank heavens!).


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Matthew!


Circe said...

See, I never saw that determination on my kids' faces. All I saw during soccer season was despair and boredom. That's how you know Matthew is going to be great! I have a picture of Ruby in t-ball where all the kids are blurry because they're in motion. Except Ruby. She's standing perfectly still. I'm so glad your have more talent! BTW, I'll be at Bun Basket.

vivian said...

How cute!! My youngest was a soccor player. I LOVED going to his games,from ayso right you to his senior year in school. have a great day!

Artfulife said...

So fun! I wish I had a little boy to take to soccer practices. My girls are all so girly (not that I mind). Have a fun weekend!