Monday, May 25, 2009

Fashion Show

One of our Memorial Day BBQs was at my mom and dad's house. It was really supposed to be a impromptu dinner to celebrate my sister Tiff's birthday next week. One of the kids favorite activities at Grandma's house is to play fashion show. She has been collecting all sorts of things for these fashion shows for years. They include hats gloves and dresses that were my great-aunts and great grandmother's too. Then Grandma narrates and describes each participant. It is a great time. If you click on the collage it gets bigger and you can really see them in all their glory.
Uncle Nate even got in on the act this time! The man can wear a hat what can I say?!


Circe said...

Xanthe's Chinese friends are meeting at Angel Park at 10. I forgot. Can we meet there? If not, I'll stick to our original plan!

vivian said...

LOVE the pictures! they are all adorable! what great memories the kids will have about playing at their grandmothers house.

Christine said...

HAHA!Love that last shot~that's how an uncle should look ;)
Your kids look like they have so much fun with family..great shots of the fashion show!