Thursday, September 17, 2009

Indiana Jones Cake

Matthew has had the birthday that never ended. We celebrated with the family this weekend so of course we had to make a great cake. He wanted Indiana Jones. We saw some cute ideas on the Internet but just in case you wondered you cannot find the Indy action figure anymore. I looked everywhere. So we used the Lego version.
Matthew decided this was even better because then it had two of his favorite things, Legos and Indiana Jones. In case you wondered we used the vanilla version of Oreos for sand.
He had to pretend to be a giant.

Doesn't it look cool illuminated by fire?

Grandma gave him the can of spray whipping cream. Indy looks like he is in Antarctica. But what fun!


Jennie said...

What a cute cake. Don't ya just love when they get an idea in their heads and then it is up to you to try and make the cake happen. Well.... you could do it because you are so crafty, but not me. Luckily we have Ryan at our house to do all the cake creations. I'm glad he had a happy b-day.

Natasha Burns said...

what an amazing cake! it does look fantastic all lit up. So glad he had such a happy day :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome cake! Nice work!!! Happy Birthday again, Matthew! :)


sws said...

You have done it again!!! You are an amazing the sand!

Circe said...

What a handsome kid! He deserves a whole month of celebration!

Gail :) said...

Great cake! He looks like he enjoyed the never ending Birthday! Gina is having the same experience right now. We celebrated with some family last weekend and tomorrow she will have her friend party. She is going crazy from all the Birthday madness! Thankfully I found ZhuZhu pets, because that is all she wanted! I hope all of Matthew's wishes came true! Happy Birthday little guy ;)