Monday, September 21, 2009

A Really Fun Park

This is our new favorite park. I thought I would share it while the weather is so nice. It is adjacent to the new junior high in Layton. According to the city parks guy that was there one of the first days we visited it is the first of its kind west of the Mississippi. It is supposed to appeal to kids into video games. See Brittany there in the middle of the picture? She is standing on a platform that rocks back and forth and acts at the menu you select from. Basically the kids choose how many kids play, and what color each will be.
Then they run and climb all around to push their color the fastest. Whoever gets all their buttons first wins. It is amazing what my kids will do to get to go to this park. Brittany has to go each time because I have no idea how to make it work. It is located at 3200 west in Layton. Let us know if you are going, Brittany will come show you how it all works!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Once my kids see this post they will be asking to go! They would love it!!


sws said...

We will definitely have to try this park! Thanks for the close!