Wednesday, September 02, 2009


So the kids are back in school, it is time to go back to decorating the house. I have been wanting to work on a family photo wall. So I collected a bunch of different frames, sprayed them silver and then rubbed them with black paint so they would look sort of pewter colored. Yesterday I stuck my favorite pictures in them to see how it would look. So now I am too close to the project to see if it is working. There is going to be a large picture of my family in that empty frame in the middle. So what do you think? (Forgive the blurry pictures!)

Is this too many pictures?

It is going to go on this wall by the stairs.

Or is this better?
Should they hang in a similar arrangement as I had them on the floor or should they sort of follow the stairs?
Just thought I would ask .


Anonymous said...

I love picture walls like that! I think both options work well. Have you thought about having them all be made into black and white or sepia?

Anonymous said...

I love those picture frames, they are a very cool color and they look kid of faded. I think faded things make it look textured and elegant/antiquey. I like both choices. From, Golda
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Circe said...

I guess my kids have been blog surfing! I think the first one might have been Lexie. It also looks like they've been watching too much Design Star, which also explains my laundry room. :)

I think I like the arrangement with fewer pictures, and I think you should arrange them going on an angle with the stairs. Know what I mean? Do you need me to hold the ladder?

Artfulife said...

I say start with one frame and work your way out. You have a super artistic eye and will know when to stop. Besides, I love tons of photos grouped together. I am pretty sure you have seen the pictures of my art wall, I'm all for it ;)

sws said...

I'm with Circe...I like option 2..and with an angle. Love what you did with the frames. You have inspired me to start a project!

noodle and lou said...

you can never have too many pictures...right? i think either option will be fabulous. the stairs are a perfect place for them!! xoxo

love.boxes said...

My suggestion is to take each frame and trace it on a piece of paper. Use blue paint tape to arrange the pieces of paper on the wall to your hearts content. This is the way to do a wall collage w/out making one more nail hole than you need. :)
Learned from Burt R.