Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The End is Near!

The end of school that is. I can't believe soon my kids will be home with me EVERY day! What will we do? One sign that the end is coming is the increasing number of finals we have. Final concerts and programs. The fifth graders learned to play the recorder this year. Now Brittany doesn't know whether she wants to play a wind instrument or the violin. Actually she wants to do both!
The second grade had their Friendship program last week. Matthew is right under that green flower.

He was singing, really he was. Just not smiling. Had to laugh though, his friend Mason standing right in front of him informed his mom the night before that he was NOT going to sing. And he didn't. I guess the need to be cool starts at seven. As crazy as it gets I love all the finals. Bring on preschool graduation, the ballet recital and whatever else comes!

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