Monday, May 03, 2010


This was my house on Thursday . Yes, those are snow flakes. You just gotta love Spring in Utah!This year it seems exceptionally late.
This is what Spring should look like. I look for this house every Spring. Can you believe all of that color? I think it would be like living in a fairy tale to live there.

This favorite old house was looking lovely too. I suppose I am posting these pretty places in the hope that Spring will stay soon!


vivian said...

oh no ! not snow! yikes!
At least you know that its not going to last!
Love the spring gardens in the other pics!
have a great week

Circe said...

I love that house with all the flowers. It is right next to the house that we call the Gingerbread House. Don't know why! Gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

I met you at the movies with Circe. I also love that house with the oriental sculptures. It takes my breath away. Thanks for posting a pic.