Saturday, May 15, 2010

My kids this week

Lots of doin's this week. Matthew's class put on a readers theater. He was a bird, two birds actually. He did an excellent job, his reading has progressed so much this year.
This is Brittany on her bike last year. Note the earphones. She reads and listens to books on tape.

Here she is this year. She and her dad went and got her a new bike! Still listening to the book on tape though. Round and round the block she goes, listening all the way. Can't imagine where she learned to multi-task like that!

Josh finally decided to like the super-cool Buzz Lightyear jacket I got him for Disneyworld that he wouldn't wear at the time. I think he was too sick to be agreeable. Don't worry it will be a bigger news week for him next week.


Circe said...

Yep, they are all adorable. I wish I could ride my bike and listen to books. That sounds so fun! Have Brittany come watch my kids and lend me her bike and headphones!

M Squared said...

Hey Michelle

It's Michele Nelson if you still have that bike and want to get it out of your garage let me know.