Monday, May 10, 2010

A Strange Snack

Our Joshua is a funny kid. He loves to have someone blow bubbles while he is in the tub. That isn't so strange, the funny part is that he tries to eat them! Loves them! Although he doesn't like them in his eyes so it is harder to hunt the delicious bubbles with his eyes closed.

(Also, Josh does not have some weird disease that turns his tonsils and tongue blue, the tub is the one acceptable place to eat Popsicles at our house when it is too cold to take them outside!)


Sarah Smiles said...

Joshua, you are one funny kid! He doesn't eat dessert either, I wish I had that strangeness! It would help me lose weight!

Sarah Smiles said...

Cute pictures!

michelle said...

Josh just saw this post and said "can you blow me some bubbles? I'm hungry!" Weird kid!