Monday, July 26, 2010

A Bookcase for Josh

This post should really be called "I love Spray paint" or something more creative. But I was afraid I might get visits from graffiti artists. I have had so much fun with spray paint lately, it makes me want to hang out at the thrift store and find more things to spray. Josh is becoming such a big kid and every big kid needs their own bookcase, well in this house they do. Brought this home from the thrift store.
Primed it in my usual spot, the empty lot next door.

After a coat or two of blue and few days to cure, here it is in Josh's room! (yes that is a crib in the corner of the picture-don't judge us!)


Circe said...

Love it! That kid has a LOT of books. Now I know why your kids are so smart. Spray paint is so much fun! I'm glad I didn't know about it before now. I've gone overboard!

Janice said...

Toothsome #3 is still in a crib. She loves it and it when she is tired, begs for it. She might still want it at age 16.

Janice said...

Opps, I meant toothsome #4.

Jennifer said...

Can you share details like what brand/finish you like best, and how many cans each project takes? Also, where to buy for the best color selection? I'm a newbie to spray paint, and my first foray to buy it -- at Ace -- was at once limiting and overwhelming. Not so many colors, but tons of different types of spray paint.


Kim's Treasures said...

Love this bookcase! Looks wonderful all painted!