Friday, July 23, 2010

A Field Trip

You know how at the beginning of the Summer you have all of these great plans? Well I did anyway. Now we are about half way through and I had accomplished a shockingly small number with my kids. Today we crossed one of the list though. We were tourists at home. When Summer started the kids and I made a list of places we would like to go on field trips. Downtown Salt Lake was at the top of the list. So today that is were we went. This picture is at the top not because we went to the Lion and Beehive House first but because I am actually in it! Thanks to a nice man walking down the street. It was fun to take my kids here, William and I had our wedding reception there long ago.
We went up to the top of the Joseph Smith Building and got a great view of Temple Square.

Isn't the ceiling in there amazing? This is the lobby, not sure how they make that stained glass work.

Pictures with Indians.
In log houses near the Church History Museum.

And with the Angel Moroni.

This was really amazing. It is a new exhibit in the South Visitor's center on Temple Square. It is a cut-away, sort of like a doll house showing the rooms inside. I loved being able to figure out where everything is. We Mormons believe in families being sealed together forever and the temple is where that all happens. I loved this exhibit because I think it helps reinforce the idea that the things we do in the temple aren't secret, just very sacred. If you are curious about our temples you can look here for more info.

My kids outside, in front of the temple.
On our way back to the car, had to get a picture leaning over that ornate railing in the Joseph Smith building. I almost had a heart attack when Brittany thought she should hold Josh up so he would show more in the picture. Happily, no children were harmed in taking of this photo.
It was a fun day and my kids enjoyed more than they thought they would!


sws said...

good for you! And perfect for Pioneer Day!

Janice said...

I served my mission on Temple Square and when they were renovating the JSMB, they discovered that ceiling. It has been bordered over at one point and it was discovered and refurbished.

Janice said...

Oh and Dentist husband and I had our wedding breakfast as the Lion House. But, we did everything the day before the sealing, wedding breakfast and reception, etc. So, it would probably be better to call it the wedding pre-breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Good job Michelle, you covered all the bases very well!!!

Circe said...

What a field trip! I love the "temple doll house!" I'm laughing at how Brittany pulled a Michael Jackson with Joshie. Yikes!!

Sarah Smiles said...

Awesome! What a great field trip!

Circe said...

Wow! The temple is so beautiful! That is so cool that they have that replica of the temple! Our family should check it out!
love, Golda