Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimming and Shaving Cream

What a week! I got the crude this week. Why is being sick in the Summer the worst? This bug has been especially fun as it has left me with very little voice. And I use my voice. A lot. Funny how if you whisper at your kids they start whispering back. I may have to use that once I am not the undead anymore. Oh, and William was gone so I was the only adult voice, that was fun. So not a lot of blogging happened. We have been busy though, you know that if you are the mom life still goes on, sick or not. There have been swimming lessons(look at how straight that Brittany's leg is!)
Matthew learned how to dive too.

Josh really liked the slides the last ten minutes of the last lesson the best but I have to say he did better than his older brother and sister at this age. Happily everyone will be advancing to the next level next year. That is if I don't lose the paper they gave me to remind me.

Brittany has been camped out in the basement with my laptop watching Cake making shows on netflix and building things with cards. And declaring her love for her little brother.

Oh, and spending the day in her swimsuit.

Today we finally broke out a craft. First time in weeks I think. This is shaving cream that we drizzled acrylic paint over. The instructions I found on a blog said to use tempera paint but we didn't have any and my kids are pretty good with the acrylics. So then you swirled the colors, place a piece of card stock on top to "print" it. Then wiped of the shaving cream.

It left you with a swirly pattern. I have to say it wasn't actually our very best craft ever but the kids had fun and that is what we were going for. Made my house smell like a barber shop though.


Janice said...

I love the paint and shaving cream. I have tempura paint here. Looks like I need to get it out . . .

sws said...

What a beautiful dive! Looks like you are having a fun summer!