Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mini Cake Platters

Finally, a craft! I made these for Brittany's birthday party and they were so easy I had to share. All I did was get some pretty saucers/plates from the thrift store. Then I found the glass candle stick holders they have at the dollar store two for a dollar. I tipped the plate upside down. Then I applied a coat of gel super glue all around the top of the the candle holder then placed it in the middle of the plate. Let it sit overnight and Ta-da!

I used a small vase I found at the thrift store for the larger one in the middle. When I showed them to my mom she said she thought they would be fun at a shower, I think she is right!

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Circe said...

Perfect for a cupcake! I had to laugh when you said, "Finally! A Craft!" "Cuz you never do crafts! :) Park tomorrow?