Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sigh... One of my favorite holidays is over for another year. We had a really good one. That is in spite of rain, one sniffly child and a mother who threw her back out hours before the trick or treating (thank heavens for muscle relaxers!) Boo! If this doesn't scare you I don't know what will! Look quickly, I probably will pull this fabulous picture of me in my Halloween garb soon! Let's blame that scary smile on the muscle relaxers!
First we were off to our favorite Halloween party at my friend Circe's house. This is one of our highlights every year. The kids going through the haunted forest.

To ghost gully to pick a balloon.

There are always the best treats along with pizza. This year they were almost too cute to eat though.

Then it is time for the candy bomb as my kids have christened it. Candy toss by huge handfuls from the deck above. Then it was back to our neighborhood for the real trick or treating. Despite rain we traipsed the whole neighborhood and came home with a literal ton of candy.
The required sorting, counting and trading has been going on all day. As Brittany said (and says every year) it was our best one ever!


Circe said...

Your kids always have the best costumes! I have to keep having the party just so I get a chance to see them in person! You're awesome!

Camille said...

What a fun idea your friend has to have a Halloween party before trick or treating. I love it. I hope you are feeling better.

Amanda said...

WOW your kids are so organized! Haha that pic of the sorting makes me laugh! What a super fun party...looks like you had a blast! PS-I happen to LOVE the pic of you ;)

vivian said...

I used to love when we would get home and dump, sort and trade! those are the best times!
looks like your friend throws a great party!
have a great week

The Vintage Sister said...

i had to stop by and see what the kiddos were for halloween!! so cute! i didn't buy a thing this was actually pretty nice. matthew is a little too convincing in that costume but he's a handsome boy!
your pic is cute too...muscle relaxers look good on you;)