Monday, October 04, 2010

Hitty; Her First Hundred Years

Sometimes my kids knock my socks off. Brittany had a book report due last week. The book was Hitty; Her First Hundred Years. She wanted to make her own Hitty and put her in a diorama. She told me what she needed and I provided them, that was the extent of my involvement. This is the diorama. In the book Hitty, a little doll, has many adventures. One of which is being swiped by a crow and taken to its nest. Luckily fake black birds aren't hard to find this time of year. Some time with a glue gun and this is the result.
Her is a close-up. Hitty is made from sculpy clay and hinged together with wire joints. Pretty amazing if I do say so at the risk of sounding the proud mom!


vivian said...

she did a great job! I know she must take after her mama! also, I love the pictures your kids took a below!
have a great week michelle!

Sarah Smiles said...

Wow! Very nice work, Brittany! I am amazed!

Circe said...

Brittany is a genius. She has so many talents! I love the diorama. Hitty was one of my favorite books. Go ahead, be a proud mom! :)