Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, this is the last hour of my 39th birthday. It has been a good day, though sort of anti-climatic. The trip William and I went on a week and a half ago was to celebrate our birthdays, my mom and sister and I went shopping and to lunch Saturday to celebrate and I celebrated with my lunch girls last week. So when it finally dawned my birthday today I sort of felt like I had already done that. I have to admit to not having the best attitude about this one, it means that ugly old 40 is just around the corner and I just don't understand how I got here. I mean really, didn't we just get married? Didn't I just have my babies? So in an effort to improve my attitude I am going to copy my friend Circe who has done a much better job enjoying our almost shared birthday (her's was yesterday). She made a list of 39 things she loves about her life. So here is mine.
1. The incredible man I am married to.
2. Really great kids.
3. Fantastic family of which the majority live pretty close.
4. Being back in Utah where I belong.
5. Having had the chance to have an adventure somewhere else for a little while.
6. The weekly lunches I have with my friends I have had since childhood.
7. The increasing number of friends I am enjoying in my neighborhood.
8. The fact that William is employed and I get to stay home with the kids.
9. Being able to raise my kids with the help of the gospel to make it all make sense.
10. My kids' great school.
11. Being able to craft away in my basement
12. The friends my kids have made since our move back and the great moms those kids have.
13. Going to late movies at the K-town theater with my friends.
14. Running away on vacation with William and remembering how much fun we have together.
15. My fantastic sister, her hubby and all of my in-laws.
16. Having my parents eight minutes away.
17. Having had a great childhood so I know what to shoot for for my kids.
18. Walks at night with William.
19. This silly little blog-if anything ever happens to me someone print it for my kids.
20. The ability I now have to say no.
21. Doing crafts with my kids.
22. The funny things Joshua says.
23. Being healthy.
24. Being able to live in a great state within a great country.
25. Eating soup for lunch now that it is cold.
26. Not being as shy as I was as a kid.
27. My house, where it is located and everything in it.
28. Not being as insecure as I was in my teens and twenties.
29. Haunting thrift stores
30. Family vacations.
31. Watching my kids play sports and perform.
32. Living when and were I do.
33. Chocolate
34. Baking
35. Staying up late with all my people in bed in my cosy house.
36. Books, reading them whenever and wherever I can.
37. Sewing projects
38. Painting furniture
39. Having more fun with my kids the older I get.
Whew! That wasn't as hard as I thought! Kind of fun really. Thanks for the idea Circ!


Jennie said...

Great List! I hope your day was fun! ...until next year :)

Circe said...

See, easier than you thought to think of 39-plus things! Love the list! Can't wait 'til Thursday! Happy birthday!

Sarah Smiles said...

What a great way to have an attitude of gratitude! I think I will have to try it!

Kristin Bishop said...

Hello! I didn't know you had a blog:) I am addicted...and love logging! You are so creative and crafty...I love it! I am adding you to mine. Hope you don't mind.


vivian said...

great list Michelle! and Happy belated birthday!!