Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

It was such a beautiful day today, it seemed like Fall was really here. So we went for a walk in William's home town just down the road. We took the trail that runs behind Lagoon, the amusement park but except for the occasional scream from a roller coaster victim, seemed like the woods. We used to go for walks on Sundays with the whole extended family here and through town before his parents moved to "the country".
We even walked by the house William grew up in. So many good memories there. I sort of wish Oma and Opa still lived there.
Our dear friends the Delongs owned this lovely old house. It was actually a hotel in Pioneer times, see the plaque? It was nice to see the old houses were still being taken care of.

William explaining to Brittany that the old rock chapel he grew up attending houses the original mural depicting the organization of the children's organization in the LDS church called Primary.

Who knew there was a Civil War cannon? Well, a replica of one actually.

This was my great-grandparents home. I loved this house as a child. My sister and I would play for hours in the basement that was full of my Great-aunt Gerry's clothes as a young lady of the fifties. The dresses, hats, gloves, jewelry it was all there. My mom saved some but I sure wish I had it all! The backyard seemed like it was magic too. Funny, how houses are just buildings but they sure become part of our lives.


Queen Elizabeth said...

You're making me homesick. Thanks for the pics!

Janice said...

I LOVE this post.

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vivian said...

nice post.. you make me want to go back for a peek at my old neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

This is so fun!! I love nothing better than to take my kids on a tour of Farmington!! I show them all my old houses where my best friend lived and the old V.I.P where we would scope out the cute boys :) So fun!! Mandi :)