Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Couple of Good Ones

It is not often I have a week where I find two movies I really liked. But William was out of town last week so I watch quite a few and then because he had been out of town I went to the movies with my mom and sister.
My mom, sister and I went to The Artist. I don't know that I would have made it to this one without them. They were the perfect companions for this movie. Children or husband would have ruined this one. Literally. I kept thinking, " I would not even take a sleeping child to this movie". I knew it was a silent movie, I just didn't get how silent. There are places where there isn't even music. That said I loved it because I felt transported to another time. I have always been fascinated by eras of the past and this movie allowed me to trick myself into believing I was in the early 1930's. It is a similar plot line to Singing in the Rain; sound comes to the movies and some actors were not excited about it. In fact the main character really, really reminded me of Gene Kelly. No singing, it is a silent film remember? But there is a fun soft shoe number. That is a reason to see it right there. It was really a beautiful movie and a unique experience.

Then I rented Midnight in Paris. I am not a huge Woody Allen fan and Owen Wilson did not seem a natural partner for him but after the Golden Globes I decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did. Even if I had only watched the first five minutes of shots around Paris in super saturated color it would have been worth it. But then throw in more costuming from the 20' s in Paris and you have a really beautiful film. This one was sort of light on plot but it was fun to watch Owen Wilson's character meet famous people in Paris from the past.

I have thought a lot about both of these movies in the days after I enjoyed them. That is one of the measures of a good movie to me. Recommend them both!


tattingbug said...

Love to read your reviews?
How come the pictures didn't come through?

tattingbug said...

Ooooops that first sentence should have an ! not a ?. Sorry!

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