Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My cutest craft ever!

One of my best friends, Circe, is having a baby soon. So my friends and I had a little shower. I had made a quilt, my usual go-to baby gift but I had seen so many cute little girl skirts and I had fabric left over so I couldn't resist trying to make a skirt. A teeny-tiny skirt. With a matching onesie. I think it is just about the cutest thing I have made ever! There is something even more adorable about its tininess. It almost makes me wish I was having a baby girl. Almost.

This the quilt that started it all. Pretty happy with it too.

Because I having a crafting problem and sometimes I just can't stop I finished off with a skirt made from the adorable ruffled fabric I can't get enough of. Now to meet the little one they are intended for!

1 comment:

Circe said...

I am honored to be the recipient of your cutest craft ever! It really is. The skirts and the blanket are just amazingly adorable. I love them! The blanket colors are so perfect!!