Friday, March 30, 2012

My Boys

I found a couple of pictures on my camera the other day showing what my boys have been up to. Matthew had an assignment to make a mountain man. Sort of the boy version of a paper doll. We used leather and paper and fabric from my stash. He was pretty proud of his creation and when that happens around here you take a picture.

They had a Harry Potter day at school. I talked Josh into letting me transform him. I found those glasses at the thrift store. I don't know why but there was no correction in those lenses so he looked really authentic. Don't you think this is exactly how Harry would have looked at five?

Love my boys!


Circe said...

I love your boys too! Only one of your kids would have a mountian man that looks as amazing as Matthew's. I'm very impressed!

love.boxes said...

Me too! Great job!