Monday, June 25, 2012

The Birthday that Never Ends

 Josh turned six! Over and over and over again. It felt that way anyway. It started on Thursday. Because Boondocks gives the birthday child a free unlimited pass I convinced Josh to have his party with his friends the next day so he and his brother could enjoy it.  Man was that a good idea! He has been begging to go for months and now he is truly in love. I paid for Matthew to go because I knew he couldn't drive the go-karts and let's face it, they are the best part. We got there early so they had the track to themselves

. It was fun to watch them start off slow and then go faster and faster as they got more comfortable.

 Then they did the bumper boats. Much slower but Josh got to drive his own and squirt Matthew.
 I had a free bowling coupon for Matt from school so they did that too. As you can see it was pretty exciting when Josh got a strike.  I love when these two boys are buddies. This summer they really have had a great time together-most of the time anyway.  The day ended with presents and the dinner he picked.
 The next day was the friend birthday party. I recommend Classic Skating. Occupied everyone and except the fact that they go  home smelling like sweating little boys (or little puppies) it is perfect. And cheap if you use the two for one coupon like I did.I don't know how but this is pretty much the only picture I have that was at all worth looking at.
 Sunday was the family party. See, I told you this birthday went on forever. The family party is when I usually make the big birthday cake.  So I started creating that afternoon. It was going to be a mountain with a monster truck climbing to the top. This is what it looked like an hour and a half before the party. Earthquake! Stress! Just ask my kids how freaked out I was. I stood there thinking, "You have to have a birthday cake for the birthday party!". I took a deep breath, and scooped half the cake into the garbage.
 Luckily I had some of the frosting left and managed to try and salvage the thing.
In the end the kid was happy and the is the important thing right? Whew, that birthday is over! Now for Brittany's this week...


Janice said...

You might be the best mom ever.

Circe said...

I love the cake! You shouldn't have stressed...dirt doesn't have to be any certain shape, does it? :)