Friday, June 29, 2012

A Day at Oma and Opa's Houses

This summer is flying so fast! Faster than I can blog it. A couple of weeks ago we went up to visit Oma and Opa so William could help them lay tile. I spent part of the day taking some pictures of the kids. I really like this one of them on Oma's hill.
Josh loves the cat. He would be such an animal kid if he didn't live with people with allergies.
I used William's old yellow truck that lives at Opa's to take some pictures.
Don't you love the big tires?
This is probably my favorite. That is my baby people! How did he get to be six?
At the end of the day Opa took the kids, including Noah and James who were also visiting for a ride. It was a great end to the day!


vivian said...

hi michelle,, wow, your kids are getting big. I cant believe how tall your daughter has gotten! I'm trying to spend a couple hours this morning doing some blog reading and catching up on all my bloggy gal pals. And I wanted to Thank you for you love, support and prayers over the last few weeks. this blogging community rocks.
I hope you have something fun planned for you and your family this weekend.. I'm thinking about the beach...though Im not feeling the oomph that it takes to pack up and get there!
have a great weekend

Janice said...

I LOVE the picture in the back of the truck.