Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chalk Festival 3012

 It was time for the annual chalk festival in Salt Lake last weekend. We love this and haven't missed since we came back from California.  Here is last year. This year though they had transformers and superheroes! Check out Josh with his new friends!
 There they are in the background. Josh is the only one in these pictures because the rest of my family is too cool.
 Amazing artwork right there at your feet!
 One of my favorite parts of the chalk festival is how inspired my kids always are afterwards. This year their dad put up the easy-up to save them from heat stroke and they stayed out there for most of the afternoon.  They keep asking me to find out how they can enter in the student section of the festival. I may have to check in to it soon.
 Matthew's Goofy.
Brittany's fairy in a tree. I just love my creative kids!


Circe said...

I can't believe you went one thousand years into the future just to go to a chalk festival. Wow! The art in the future is amazing.

But seriously, how do you get your kids to spend most of an afternoon doing one thing? Your kids are amazing and their chalk drawings, wow! Mary Poppins would be impressed!

Janice said...

LOVE this post. In particular, the shade tent your husband put up. I need to remember that.

Sarah Smiles said...

Nice drawings!

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