Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Day of School- Two Weeks Ago!

Okay so we are two weeks into the summer and I never blogged about the last day. And it was awesome! This is Matthew minutes before I took him home for the summer. They had a water fight as their last activity of the year, thus his wet look. Although his teacher looks so young to me-I think this means I am old-she was amazing. I am hoping they convince her to move to fifth grade so we can have her again. Good bye Fourth grade!

This picture is really the reason I had to do this post. See that lovely lady in yellow? That is Mrs. Graham and she taught me when I was twelve and a beehive at church. I have to say as much as she taught me she was even more amazing as Josh's kindergarten teacher. It was such a great year! I love her so much I actually got in this picture voluntarily. Which I almost never do. Goodbye Kindergarten, it sure was great!

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