Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Josh's New Smile

While William's brother's family was staying with us Josh developed a loose tooth. I hurried and snapped this picture of my baby's smile before it became toothless.
A few days later it was gone. Swallowed actually. Guess what happens when you eat nachos with a loose tooth. This must be a sign I am relaxing with time. If Brittany had swallowed her first lost tooth I would have freaked. Now I am just glad I didn't have to pull it! Good thing the tooth fairy understands these things happen. You have to look carefully but you can sort of see Josh's new smile in this picture of him at Bear Lake.I hate that my baby is this big!


Camille said...

My kids won't stop growing up either... so sad. It's a cute new smile though. Love Bear Lake!!

Janice said...

I'm always so sad when they lose their teeth because it changes their cute "baby" smile.