Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Women's Shelter in Park City

Last weekend my group of friends whom we call The Women's Shelter took our group on the road and ran away from home. We went up to Sarah's beautiful condo in Park City. I'm not sure I have ever stayed in a hotel that makes me feel as spoiled as her condo does. We talked for three days straight. We never turned on a radio or television. We rarely even cracked a book, which for this group is saying something. By Saturday night we were all getting hoarse from talking so much. It was awesome.
One of the few things we stopped for was to go to dinner one night and to go to the Deer Valley Summer Music series in which the Utah Symphony performed at salute to Michael Jackson. As children of the 80's it was perfect. Even if the singer was a bit cheesy. We had a great time. This is most of the group. Christine is behind Circe so you can't see her. I have a picture Jennie texted me of the whole group but I am too dumb to get it off my phone. Oh, and they are not making faces, a couple of them were singing along when I took the picture.

Luckily I have this one with Christine and Jennie to prove she and I were both there too.

It was a truly great weekend. These women strengthen and bless me in so many ways. We ate, laughed, cried, advised each other, attempted to solve all the world's problems and planned our old age. Circe posted some of our words of wisdom. These are the ones I emailed myself so I wouldn't forget them mixed with the ones that Circe posted on her blog.

You have three seconds to change your thought process-Christine
As fun as it to complain about things there are things that are more fun.Sarah

We teach our children to contribute more than we consume-Can't remember Tiffany?
 Remember to ask kids how they know I love them. What is their love language?Jen
We're having Shelter Time Warp -Michelle
There is such a thing as too much ABBA.  -Sarah
The atonement can change history.  -Tiffany
3 cups flour, half tsp yeast, tsp salt, 1.5 cups water.  Let sit overnight.  -Tiffany. 
Who I am is why your life works.  -Jennie
Put some paint on your brush and start!  -Tiffany
I can hardly wait for next year!


Circe said...

I love those pictures!

Jennie said...

Love it. Can we go back right now? :)