Monday, July 15, 2013

Bear Lake 2013

Sandcastles, shakes from Le Beaus, yummy food, laughter, cousins, and fantastic grandparents. What is not to love at Bear Lake! I am so grateful this has become a Butler family tradition. This year was just as great at the years previous. I'm glad my dad remembered to have us take this picture just before we left. I don't like how grown p my kids look though!
This is the fabulous creation Josh made with Grandma's help. It is hard to see but there are army guys and windmills all over it!
Abby had a new raft she graciously shared.
Brittany and Libby decided they were going to make a lighthouse. I can't believe they managed to get sand this high.
Every year Uncle Nate and Matthew dream up some crazy creation to tackle. The car this year was my favorite.
Abby and Josh made a castle with a surrounding wall.
There is a pool that we love.  Uncle Nate has set a crazy precedent for water activities at the pool. This year he would dive under the kids, they would stand on his back and then he would slowly raise them out of the water while still swimming along.  They looked like they were riding dolphins at Sea World! Crazy!
It was such a fun vacation! It is good that there are some things in life you can count on. Having a blast with my family at Bear Lake is definitely one of them!

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