Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Pioneer day 2013

 Today is Pioneer Day. It is a big deal in these parts. It hasn't always been a big deal in our family because the Dad has to work, his is not a local company so he doesn't get this local holiday off.  So we watch the parade and usually stop there. Bu this year we needed to go to Salt Lake anyway so I figured we should enjoy a little pioneer history. Lucky for us not only was the Pioneer Museum open they had some fun activities going on.
 Every one was thrilled with my museum idea. They did warm up eventually.
 I had told the kids about this item I remembered from my youth. The two-headed lamb.  Yes, part of the beauty of the Pioneer Museum is it has some weird stuff in it.  William insists this is a taxidermy trick but it sure looked real to me. Smaller than I remembered though.
 They also have a plethora of hair wreaths. You know, the wreaths Victorians used to make from the hair of their deceased loved ones. They had dozens of the these elaborate, slightly gross creations. To my amazement, as part of the Pioneer Day activities they had demonstrations of a lot of Pioneer skills. Including a lady making Hair wreaths! I couldn't believe it! I have seen a lot of lost arts in action, I do a lot of handwork my mother-in-law does tatting. But I had never seen someone make a hair wreath. Fascinating.
 There was some really neat items too, like this program from the dedication of the Salt Lake temple.
 Very cool, shiny fire engine.
So many beautiful linens and handiwork. Brittany loved the crazy quilts. In fact, she is currently working on one of her own. So I am going to count that as a success, she was inspired to recreate  some pioneer heritage of her own!

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