Friday, July 26, 2013

Brittany turns fourteen!

So I am struggling to update this poor blog. My first-born child turned 14 almost a month ago. We did our best to celebrate this fantastic kid! First she celebrated with her friends. They went together to see a pioneer movie called Ephrim's Rescue. They loved it but said it was really sad.  I guess I should have thought that one through for a birthday party, but they said it was still fun. Then we went and yogurt because that is another of Brittany's favorite things. On her actual birthday she went and drove the racecars at Boondocks, that is really the only thing she likes there but we did need to get that practice in, next year there will be a learner's permit.

We also had a family party. I love this picture with Brittany's cousin Libby photo-bombing it. So funny, and so typical of their relationship. Sort of a milestone this year, Brit didn't chose some kind of theme cake, she chose a yummy German chocolate cake. Guess she really is grown up! She is such a great, responsible, fun, smart, adorable girl and I am so very grateful she is mine!

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