Sunday, May 18, 2014

Department Award for Math

This week we also had the awards night for Legacy Junior High.  Brittany and I  have always gone alone because it is a neat night but kind of long.  She especially wanted to go this year because she had friends performing.  Turns out I should have made the whole family come because she received the department award for math!
 Let me mention her that this is an example of nature versus nurture. I hate math and haven't been able to help with her homework in as long, long time.  She obviously got her math talents from her dad who told me on our first date that he thought calculus was fun. I'm still surprised I went out with him a second time, just proves how cute he was. William has helped Brittany a time or two when she has really been stuck but really, that is pretty rare. She has done it all on her own.  With the help of a couple of good teachers.  So I am really proud of her. Especially when cute Mrs.  Willis included among her reasons for giving her the award her willingness to help teach others around her who needed help. 
She also received awards for  4.0 High Honors , citizen ship and the President's award for educational excellence.
Brittany and Mrs. Willis who chose her for the Math department award. 


Tiff said...

Way to go Britt!! You are amazing!!

Golda Cristine said...

Wow! I am so proud of Brittany! Did any of the other kids get any award after B swept up? Tee hee. Don't you love those things where you don't know what it is until you're there, thinking, "I probably should have mentioned this to Scott or the grandparents!"