Saturday, May 10, 2014

Teen author boot camp

I haven't blogged in so long! But now William has helped me find an app on my phone so there will be lots more from here on out!

I have been meaning to blog  about a very cool thing Brittany did months ago. She has a friend, Emme. They have been friends since they were two. Even though our families have moved apart they have remained friends with a lot of common interests. Months ago Emme  invited Brittany to go with her to the Teen Author Boot Camp held on the Utah Valley University campus. They both enjoy writing a lot and she had gone last year and thought it was really fun. So the two of them spent the day in workshops learning different skills they could use in writing. They had such a great time! I got to spend the day with my sister and Emme's mom Jen. So I had a great time too!
Part of the boot camp is a first chapter contest. 
Each participant submits the first chapter of a potential book. Brittany and Emme had both work hard to write a chapter. Then they emailed them to each other, then edited them for each other. Jen and I went together to pick them up and were wonderfully surprised to see them both caring trophies! Trophies that were made by the same guy who makes the iron man suits, by the way.  Out of all the kids that were there, and they were a lot, Emme had won first place and Brittany had one second! It was an ending we couldn't  have written better!

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