Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Dress!

A month or so ago Brittany came home and told me that she had some big honors English projects coming up. One of the things she could choose was to make a historically correct dress from Elizabethean times. I was kind of excited, I love that kind of thing.  Then she told me I couldn't sew a stitch, it had to be all done by her.  Yikes!  Of course because it had to be accurate she chose the hardest pattern we could find. Luckily I had a bunch of fabric in my stash that we thought would work nicely. In fact I had enough that I decided to make a whole dress myself in an effort to work out any bugs and make it easier for Brittany.  So I kind of became a sewing coach. Brittany did a great job,  she followed instructions and sewed very carefully.  It turned out beautifully. Part of the assignment was to wear it to school and if you wore it all day you got extra credit. Of course she wanted to do that.
Her friend Tristan also did this assignment and I begged her to get a friend to take their pictures and she actually did! 
It was a tough project but fun. Brittany did a great job and learned a lot. As tough as it was I would rather do this again any day than make another one of those Rube Goldberg machines!

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