Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Marvel Family

If you had told me when my kids were little that someday we would become the family who went to certain action films the first weekend they came out I would not have believed you.  But that seems to be what we have become, and the truth is it is fun!  My kids have become big fans of the Marvel movies over the last year or so.  So when the new Captain America movie was set to come out they were dying to be the first to see it.  Now that would be all three kids, the boys and the girls.  That is a rare happening these days. So that is how we became a Marvel Family.
We got tickets way ahead of time so we could see it in the really great theater with the reclining seats.
These boys are killing time before the movie
  We even went to dinner to make it a big event!
  Then it was so much fun we did it again when Spiderman 2 came out! 
 I'm just grateful we can still find fun movies to go to together!

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