Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's time to get shopping Girls!

Hello my bloggy friends! I feel like I have been gone ages. It was so fun to have my parents here for Thanksgiving but they went home yesterday and now it is time to get back to real life. And what does that mean this time of year? Shopping! I must admit I do love a good Black Friday sale, but I didn't get that into it this year. Although I did miss watching the stampede at Target at 6am, I am having even more fun shopping at some of my blog-friends shops. So I thought today I would show you just a couple of my favorites.
First Loveboxes from Tiffany. I have mentioned my dear friend more than once here, but believe me I am totally unbiased when I tell you here creations are amazing! So if you are looking for the perfect box for something little, or just a unique little gift here shop is a great place to look!

And if you are looking for something to put in one of her boxes visit Karla right now. She paints these beautiful charms. I have one and wear it all the time. Better order one soon because I figure if she keeps painting these tiny miniatures she will probably be blind soon!

She also has these gorgeous hand painted ornaments for sell right now too, but she is having a sale soon so she may not have as many if you wait too long!

And this is the gorgeous work of Jennifer! I have just found her, through Vanessa who is always introducing me to something new and beautiful and who is a great source of treasures herself, and love her work sooo much!

This is her new collage in her shop and she also great new prints.

And these darling ornaments, my only problem here may be choosing!

So go do some etsy shopping, I have been all morning. I love this idea floating around of a homemade Christmas and am thrilled with the idea of not having to hand make it all myself. Oh, and have I mentioned that these amazingly talented people price their treasures more reasonably than anything you will find at the mall? So Happy Shopping!


Jenn said...

oooooh! Thank you so much sweet Michelle! Love all these other treats you've featured (I'm off to peek at them right now!) and I'm honored to be included:)

Big Hugs!!! xox..jenn

love.boxes said...

Wow! You find some great stuff on there Michelle. I adore those charms and all the other things too. When are the dolls going to be finished?