Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Call the elves! It's time to get Santa's workshop open!

Well, I am really busy this week trying to get somethings back in the shop in anticipation of Christmas. I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! So I have been working on a big batch of dolls. I know for sure there will be glittery white angels and girls in red dresses and probably a few surprises.

These little cuties came out of the fun vintage fabric I posted about last week. Didn't they turn out fun. Unfortunately the two sisters are about to be separated as one is in the shop, and the other has a home waiting for her already. If you feel you could console Miss Ellie the Elephant and give her a home go on over to the shop and adopt her, she would be so glad!
*okay, etsy seems to be slow today. She should be there tomorrow!

And yesterday everyone was getting eyes. They look a bit freaky like this don't they. Much better with lashes and rosebud mouths! I am hoping to get some in the shop by the end of the week, naps allowing. And the little felty green elephant and raspberry puppy have been languishing in my closet for months. So they are hoping for faces and will head over there eventually too.

I am getting so excited for the holiday season! It is so fun to try new crafts at this time of year. I have a new bag I am making from Amy's new book I have read so much about all over blogland, it really is a fun book. I will post it tomorrow. I am also hearing raves about Martha's line of goodies at Michaels so I am planning an outing there. So if you have a Martha craft please let me know what the best projects are!


Alison Gibbs said...

Love Miss Ellie - so cute.

Natasha Burns said...

Very cute goodies Michelle!!!!
We had fun with Wendy today, about to post on my blog shortly

love.boxes said...

Those are soo much fun!