Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glad I'm Not!

I went to this movie with my friend Circe last week before she had her baby. Interesting choice for two girls who have know each other since we were nine, went to high school together and married guys we went to high school with. Interesting too that the movie begins in 1989, Zac Effron's character's senior year. Also our senior year. Which we will be celebrating next month at our twenty year reunion. I have to say the movie was more enjoyable than I had expected. Really, I had only expected to be lightly entertained and amused by a cute Zac Effron. But I actually went home so grateful for the choices I made "back in the day". Unlike Zac's character who felt trapped by mistakes he had made back then I am perfectly happy with mine. It made me reminisce about the friends I had back then, many of whom I still have. I was looking around on the website they have made for our reunion and it really left me feeling like if I could recreate my teenage experience for my kids it would be a great gift. I would recommend the movie, especially if you feel like being a bit nostalgic. Also if you would like to be reminded that we are all ultimately responsible for our own choice and what we make of our lives. However, I would not recommend it for your High School Musical Fans at home, unless you want to have a conversation about teenage pregnancy.

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Circe said...

I think our husbands should see the movie. Scott would love it. I'm so glad we realize that we made the right choice so we can do it right the first time. I don't want to go back, either! :)