Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Little Monsters

Finally, something crafty to post! It seems like with the kids home all day I just haven't had the chance to create anything. So it was fun to create some monsters the other day when my friend Circe had her baby. The orange one is now in the possession of Prince Ptolemy (I don't know why, that name just seems like it should have a Prince in front of it to me!).

Because it always seems like a wasted effort to make just one of something I made this little guy too. He is super soft and can be found in the Shop.


Anonymous said...

So cute!


Janice said...

Absolutely darling.

Circe said...

I LOVE Ptolemy's monster! It is so soft and cushy and ADORABLE! Everyone else loves it, too. Everyone who comes to our house falls in love with the monster. Thank-you!

Jennie said...

Very cute! Ptoly is a lucky little guy! I really admire your talent. I don't know if I could sew anything if my life depended upon it. :)